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Laser Light Engraving And Laser Light Drilling Jul 19, 2017

               Engraving with a laser engraving knife is more convenient and quicker than a common carving knife. With a common carving cutter on hard material, such as carving on granite, steel plate, or in some softer material, for example, the leather sculpture, it is more difficult to carve a pattern to spend a long time. If using laser engraving is different, because it is the use of high energy density of the laser to the workpiece local irradiation, so that the surface material gasification or the occurrence of color changes in the chemical reaction, A carving method that leaves a permanent mark. It has no contact with materials, material hard or soft, does not hinder the "carving" speed. So laser engraving technology is one of the biggest applications in laser processing.Laser Light

              Engraving with this carving knife, whether in hard material, or on soft material, carved at the same speed. If the computer is compatible with the control of laser beam movement, engraving work can also be automated. Put the pattern to be carved on the photoelectric scanner, the scanner output signal after the computer processing, to control the action of the laser beam, you can automatically on the board, glass, leather in accordance with our drawings carved out. At the same time, the focused laser beam is very thin, The equivalent of a very dexterous carving knife, carved lines, the details of the pattern can be carved out. Laser engraving can play a variety of text, symbols and patterns, and so on, the character size can be from millimeters to micron level, which is of special significance to the product's anti-counterfeiting. Laser engraving has been developed in recent years to achieve submicron carving, has been widely used in microelectronics industry and bioengineering.Laser Light

             Opening a small hole in the assembly is a common thing. However, if it is required to be on hard material, such as a large number of holes 0.1 mm to a few microns in diameter on cemented carbide. It is not easy to use ordinary machining tools, even if it can be done, the processing cost will be very high. The laser has a good homology, and the optical system can be used to focus it into tiny dots of light (less than a microns) this is equivalent to a "micro drill" for drilling. Second, laser brightness is very high, in the focus of focusing on the laser energy density (average per square meter area of energy) will be very high, ordinary one laser output of lasers, the resulting energy can be as high as 109 joules/cm 2, enough to allow the material to melt and vaporize, leaving a small hole in the material like a drill bit. But, The holes drilled by the laser are conical rather than cylindrical, which is inconvenient in some places.Laser Light