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Introduction To The Working Characteristics Of Bubble Machine Sep 20, 2017

     The structure characteristic of the foam cutting machine: Equipped with movable cutting and adjusting dimension device. In order to ensure the size of the cutting precision, with a digital display ruler. Movable worktable, using negative pressure adsorption method, fixed by cutting foam. When the operation is stopped, it is equipped with manual and automatic device. Bubble Machine

    The red brake button is used for manual braking. This button is not valid when the Start button is pressed. When the brake electromagnet sucks, press the Start button and the brake electromagnet is released immediately. According to the different styles and functions of the foam cutting machine, it can be divided into wire knife foam cutting machine, vibration knife foam cutting machine and so on.Bubble Machine

    CNC Foam Cutting machine using stepper motor, smooth movement, free speed adjustment, suitable for cutting special graphics need constant speed, mechanical control accuracy of 0.5mm; the main frame of CNC foam cutting machine is connected with rectangular steel tube and a variety of special connecting pieces, stable movement, reasonable structure, stable performance, high precision, advanced technology Bubble Machine

     Easy to operate, the use of this product can be time-saving, labor-saving, saving raw materials; voltage regulation: The machine configured a 3KW transformer, and through the electronic voltage regulator, the output of 0---70v adjustable. Cutting rack can be installed 20 electric wire, can be cut at the same time 20 of the same line or shape.Bubble Machine

    EPS semi-automatic foam molding machine, the model has screw worm gear transmission, screw touch wheel drive, hydraulic transmission three basic models. The use of a variety of heating foam, can be used in the soil machine intact old mold without changing the workshop environment, the machine can also be in the best condition, so that the product to achieve automatic vacuum molding machine quality. Bubble Machine

    Compact structure, space saving, reliable performance, easy maintenance, saving manpower, saving steam, saving raw materials. A little learning will, without training, each of the simultaneous operation of 2-4 machines. The machine adopts imported hydraulic transmission system, increases the clamping force, improves the clamping speed, makes the molding cycle shorter and saves energy.Bubble Machine