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Insecticidal Characteristics Of Smoke Fog Machine Jul 19, 2017

               Agricultural smoke machine applies to forest, nursery, orchard, tea plantation pest control, cotton, wheat, rice, corn and other field crops and large areas of grassland pest control, urban, suburban garden flowers and plants, vegetable garden and material shed in the plant pest control, hospitals, conference rooms, theaters, stadiums, docks, stations, buses, passenger train sanitation disinfection, urban sewers and heating channels, basements, air-raid shelters and a variety of cargo warehouse disinfection and sterilization treatment.Fog Machine

              Fog Machine Smoke Machine Pest Control characteristics: 1, smoke machine produced by a small diameter of the fog, as we all know, pesticide mist particles small, good control effect. A variety of experiments have proved that the penetration of smoke can be pervasive, the dense canopy and even the bark of the insects in the gap to kill. 2, the smoke particle size is small, the fog grain number also is many. The results show that the more the number of fog grains on the unit area, the better the control effect. A large number of aerosol particles in space diffuse, evenly distributed, greatly increased the chances of contact with germs and pests, to improve the effectiveness of prevention and treatment. In the room (shed) in the control of this advantage and is significant. 3, the smoke particles are small, with multi-directional deposition characteristics favorable to the positive and negative side of the foliage and the insect body in all directions deposition, on the small target of higher deposition rate, such as insect tentacles and hair, this is one of the reasons to prevent and control pests good. 4, smoke in space diffuse, diffuse, is suspended, to kill flying insects particularly effective. The prevention and control of rubber on powdery mildew and anthracnose have achieved a good effect, one of the reasons is that the spore by air transmission, a large number of suspended smoke easy to meet with spores, can inhibit the formation of floating spore suction, so that it loses its ability to infect and reproduce, so as to obtain good control effect. 5, small smoke particles, coupled with oil, rain scouring, long-lasting efficacy, prevention and control effect, rainy weather on the spraying of smoke effect is not.Fog Machine