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Fault And Elimination Method Of Fog Machine Jul 18, 2017

           1, carburetor oil leakage. Gasoline engine downtime, such as the discovery of the main injection hole constantly leaking oil, the reason may be the carburetor balance lever too high, or the needle valve is caused by dirt, should be clean needle valve seat, and adjust the balance lever properly, until the oil leakage.

          2, spark plugs do not jump fire. Under the normal condition of high voltage line jump, the spark plug should be removed to see if there is any coke, whether the electrode is moist or the gap is normal. According to the situation to clear the charcoal or dry treatment, and the gap to 0.6 ~ 0.7 mm, if the spark plug insulation damage or electrode burnout should be replaced. If all the spark plugs are normal, it may be caused by a magnetic motor damage, should be removed repair or replacement.Fog Machine

           3, the spray quantity reduces or cannot gush out. In the case of engine work, check whether the inlet valve is open, whether the lid is leaking or whether the rubber washer is damaged, and secondly, check if the internal intake tube is distorted, the nozzle, switch, regulating valve and filter net vent hole is blocked, should be cleaned and unblocked when plugging. If the vertical spray can not be sprayed, it may be caused by the nozzle too high, should be lowered nozzle, and the ground to maintain 60~70度 angle.

           4. The liquid medicine enters the ventilator. Check the inlet rubber ring first and replace the new one if it is damaged or loses elasticity. If the inlet rubber ring and the air inlet plug with the clearance too large, can be wrapped around the air inlet plug a layer of adhesive tape to increase the air Plug and rubber ring with the tight degree. As a result of the shedding of transparent plastic tubes in the air Plug and strainer, it needs to be reinstalled.Fog Machine

           5, the hand switch leakage. First check whether the switch gland is tight, if it has been tightened, you need to check the switch core of the sealing ring has been worn, the need to replace the wear. Then look at the switch core cone and shell between the contact surface is sealed, if the poor seal, the need to grind to make it close.Fog Machine